Module 13: Working with Mobile Cards

Mobile Cards are useful to display additional information about a record. They appear in the related information screen that is displayed when you swipe left on a record details view. In this module, you add a mobile card to the Expense Mobile Layout to display a summary of the parent expense report.

Step 1: Add the Mobile Card

  1. In Setup, select Build > Create > Objects, and click the Expense link

  2. In the Page Layouts section, click Edit to the left of Expense Mobile Layout

  3. Select Expanded Lookups, drag Expense Report to the Mobile Card (Salesforce1 Only) section, and click Save

Step 2: Test the Application

  1. In the Salesforce1 Mobile App, access the details view for an expense

  2. Swipe left to see the mobile card showing the expense report this expense belongs to.

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