Module 6: Creating a Mobile Layout

To keep an application usable on a small screen, it is important to avoid clutter and only display the information mobile users really need. In this module, you create a new layout that is optimized to work with expenses on a mobile device.

Step 1: Create the Mobile Layout

  1. In Setup mode, select Build > Create > Objects

  2. Click the Expense link

  3. In the Page Layouts section, click the New button

  4. Select Expense Layout in the Existing Page Layout dropdown

  5. Specify Expense Mobile Layout as the Page Layout Name

  6. Click Save

Step 2: Add / Remove Fields

  1. Mouse over the Expense Id field and click the Remove button

  2. Mouse over the Created By field and click the Remove button

  3. Mouse over the Last Modified By field and click the Remove button

  4. Click the Save button (upper left)

Step 3: Assign the Page Layout to Specific Users

  1. In the Page Layouts section, click the Page Layout Assignment button

  2. Click the Edit Assignment button

  3. Click System Administrator in the list, and select Expense Mobile Layout in the Page Layout To Use dropdown list.

  4. Click Save

Step 4: Test the Application

  1. In the Salesforce1 Mobile App, tap the menu icon (upper left corner)

  2. In the menu, tap Expenses under Recent

  3. Tap an expense in the list to see the details

  4. Swipe up to hide the record highlights header

  5. Notice that the Expense Id, Created By, and Last Modified By fields are no longer displayed

In this case, the difference between the two layouts is minimal. Creating a mobile layout makes a lot of sense for objects with a lot of fields.

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