Module 7: Creating a Compact Layout

Compact layouts are used to display the key fields of a record whenever a summary representation of the record is needed. In this module, you create a compact layout for the expense object.

Step 1: Create a Compact Layout

  1. In Setup mode, select Build > Create > Objects

  2. Click the Expense link

  3. In the Compact Layouts section, click the New button

  4. Specify Expense Compact Layout as the Label

  5. Specify Expense_Compact_Layout as the Name

  6. Add Expense Id, Category, Expense Date, and Amount to the Selected Fields list

  7. Click Save

Step 2: Assign the Default Compact Layout

  1. Click the Compact Layout Assignment button

  2. Click the Edit Assignment button

  3. In the Primary Compact Layout dropdown list, select Expense Compact Layout

  4. Click Save

Step 3: Test the Application

  1. In the Salesforce1 Mobile App, tap the menu icon (upper left corner)

  2. In the menu, tap Expenses under Recent

  3. Tap an expense in the list to see the details. Notice that the Record Highlights section displays the four fields you selected in the compact layout.

    If you don't see the summary fields in the Records Highlights section, pull (swipe down and release) the view to refresh it.

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