Module 4: Creating the Expenses Tab

In this module, you create a Tab to provide access to the Expense object both in the application in your computer's browser and in the Salesforce1 Mobile App. You also create an Application to provide quick access to the Expenses tab while working in the application in your computer's browser.

Step 1: Creating a Tab

  1. In Setup mode, select Build > Create > Tabs

  2. In the Custom Object Tabs section, click New

  3. Select Expense as the Object, click the magnifier icon next to Tab Style and select the Credit card icon

  4. Click Next, Next

  5. Uncheck the Include Tab checkbox to ensure the Expenses tab doesn't appear in any of the existing applications (In step 2, you will add the Expenses tab to a new application)

  6. Click Save

Step 2: Creating the App

A Salesforce App is a group of Tabs that makes it easy for users to access a set of related features in the full browser app.

The concept of App as a way to organize Tabs is not used in the Salesforce1 Mobile App.

  1. In Setup mode, select Build > Create > Apps

  2. In the Apps section, click New

  3. Check Custom app and click Next

  4. Enter Expenses for both the App Label and App Name, and click Next

  5. Accept the default App Logo and click Next

  6. Add the Expenses tab to the Selected Tabs and click Next

  7. Check the Visible checkbox for the System Administrator profile and click Save

  1. Select Expenses in the App selector (upper right corner of the screen)

If the Expenses App doesn't appear in the App Selector, you probably forgot to assign it to the System Administrator profile. In Setup, select Build > Create > App, click Edit next to Expenses, check the System Administrator profile, and click Save.

Step 3: Enter Sample Data

  1. Click the Expenses Tab

  2. Click New

  3. Enter a sample expense

  4. Click Save

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