Module 9: Creating a Global Action

Global actions provide another way to quickly access common tasks. In this module, you create a global action that allows the user to create a new expense without having to navigate through the menu.

Step 1: Create the Global Action

  1. In Setup mode, select Build > Create > Global Actions > Actions

  2. Click the New Action button, and define the action as follows (accept the default values for the properties that are not mentioned below):

    • Action Type: Create a Record
    • Target Object: Expense
    • Standard Label Type: --None--
    • Label: New Expense
    • Name: New_Expense

  3. Click Save

Step 2: Define the Global Action Page Layout

  1. Drag the Category field and position it as the first field in the global action page layout

  2. Click Save

Step 3: Add the Global Action to the Publisher Layout

  1. In Setup mode, select Build > Create > Global Actions > Publisher Layouts

  2. Click the Edit link to the left of Global Layout

  3. Drag the New Expense Action to the Publisher Actions section (before the Post action)

  4. Click Save (upper left)

Step 4: Test the Application

  1. In the Salesforce1 Mobile App, tap the menu icon (upper left corner)

  2. Select Feed in the menu

  3. Tap the publisher button (lower right corner)

  4. Tap New Expense

  5. Enter a new expense, and click Submit (upper right corner)

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