Module 12: Using the Location API

In this section, we add the ability to tag an employee with his/her location information. In this sample application, we display the raw information (longitude/latitude) in an alert. In a real-life application, we would typically save the location in the database as part of the employee information and show it on a map.

The code below works when running the application as a Cordova app on your device. It should also work in Chrome on the desktop when the page is served with the http:// protocol, and in Firefox, regardless of the protocol (http:// or file://).


  1. Add the geolocaton plugin to your project:

    cordova plugin add org.apache.cordova.geolocation
  2. In index.html, add the following list item to the employee-tpl template:

    <li class="table-view-cell media">
      <a hre="#" class="push-right add-location-btn">
          <span class="media-object pull-left"></span>
          <div class="media-body">
              Add location
  3. In the initialize() function of EmployeeView, register an event listener for the click event of the Add Location list item.

    this.$el.on('click', '.add-location-btn', this.addLocation);

    Make sure you add this line as the last line of the initialize() function (after this.$el is assigned).

  4. In EmployeeView, define the addLocation event handler as follows:

    this.addLocation = function(event) {
          function(position) {
              alert(position.coords.latitude + ',' + position.coords.longitude);
          function() {
              alert('Error getting location');
      return false;
  5. Test the Application

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