Module 3: Creating an Ionic Application

In this module, you use the Ionic CLI (command line interface) to create a new application based on the sidemenu starter app.


  1. Open a new terminal window (Mac) or a command window (Windows), and navigate (cd) to the ionic-tutorial directory

  2. Using the Ionic CLI, create an application named conference based on the sidemenu starter app:

    ionic start conference sidemenu
  3. Navigate to the conference folder

    cd conference
  4. Start the application in a browser using ionic serve.

    ionic serve

    NOTE: Because of cross domain policy issues (specifically when loading templates), you have to load the application from a server (using the http protocol and not the file protocol). ionic serve is a lightweight local web server with live reload.

  5. In the application, open the side menu ("hamburger" icon in the upper left corner) and select Playlists. Select a playlist in the list to see the details view (not much to see at this point).

    In the next modules, you will replace the playlists with a list of conference sessions retrieved from the server using the REST services you experimented with in the previous module.

  6. Open the side menu again and select Login. Click the Login button to close the window (Login is not implemented in the starter app).

    In the last module of this tutorial you will implement Login using Facebook.

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