Creating a Data Service

In the current implementation of the application, the view (app.js) is tightly coupled to the data access strategy used to retrieve data. In this unit, we create a Data Service that hides the specific data access strategy behind a generic API.


  1. In the /js directory, create a new file named employee-service.js

  2. In employee-service.js, import the request module

    import request from './request';
  3. Create a findAll() method implemented as follows:

    export let findAll = () => {
        return request({url:"employees.json"})
            .then(data => data = JSON.parse(data))
  4. In app.js, remove the request import and import the employee-service module instead:

    import * as service from "./employee-service";
  5. Replace the call to request() with a call to findAll() in the employee-service module:

        .then(employees => {
            let html = "";
                html += `<div>
                            <img src='${employee.picture}'/>
                                ${employee.firstName} ${employee.lastName}
            document.getElementById("list").innerHTML = html;
        .catch(error => console.log(error)
  6. Build the app:

     npm run webpack
  7. Make sure your local http server is started, open a browser and access http://localhost:8080.


The final code for this step is available in this branch.

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